Creating a Better Earth Together

The Compost People is a residential compost pick-up service that cares about decreasing waste and environmental impact while improving soil for generations to come. We want to help you do the same.

We think you will agree that it's time for all of us to start doing everything we can to preserve our earth. Composting is a scientifically proven method of reducing carbon/methane emission! It also greatly reduces landfill use and instead closes the loop on food waste by giving it a second life as a beneficial use material. We have a responsibility to future generations to improve the health of our earth.  Composting is an important part of that goal. 

How it Works

We provide the 5 gallon bin and you provide the compostables.


Place your bin on the curb weekly and we come to collect the waste.  Pickup occurs on the same designated day each week. 


We then take the waste to a farm where it gets converted into compost.  In return once a year you receive compost delivered to your home, if desired. 

I love to compost
but I hate all the work!
We Can Help

While backyard composting is still a great idea, the inclusion of meat, dairy, & even a modest amount of food waste can be challenging to manage. The Compost People can handle more types of material on a larger scale. The dirty work is done for you! You won't have to worry about rodents, insects, wet globs of partially decomposed material & other common problems that may make you want to quit composting all together. If you want the compost back you get a free bag each year.  

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Compost With Us<br><span style="font-size:22px; text-transform:none">(Monthly Subscription + Starter Kit)</span>
Compost With Us
(Monthly Subscription + Starter Kit)

Join us in our mission to create a better earth. 

Your one time starter kit fee of $15 provides you with a 5 gallon bin and 8 compostable bags, which are required to line the bin.  The monthly collection charge of $22 will be charged today and then monthly thereafter.  You will place your bin outside the night before your pickup day.  Pick-up will start a week or two after signing up.  We will send you a reminder.  Once per year you can also get a bag of compost delivered to your door for free(if desired).  When you start getting low on bags just use our members access link to order more!

Please help us decrease waste.

Just $22 a month!