How It Works

Step 1
Signing Up

If you do a monthly subscription there is initial starter kit fee of $15 but the fee is waved if you sign up for a yearly subscription.  The starter kit includes the collection bin and 8 compostable bags.  The bin will be delivered to your door with in a few days.  If it will take longer you will be notified. 

Step 2

Line your bin with your provided compostable bags then add any of the items on the pre-approved compostable list.  Approved items are listed below and on your bin.The night before your designated pick up day you will tie your compostable bag securely and place your lid tightly on your container.  Then place your bin on the curb.

Step 3
Weekly Pick UP

The monthly collection charge of $22 will be charged at signup and then monthly thereafter.   If you start a yearly subscription you will be charged $264 and then yearly thereafter.  Each week we will pick up your waste on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on your area. The night before pick up we will send a reminder either by email and/or text message, you decide.  Once per year you can also get a bag of compost for free. If you prefer not to receive the bag you can opt out through email.

A Compost service that works for anyone

What Can I Compost?

All Food

Fruits and vegetables

Meat,  and Bones

Dairy, Eggs and egg shells

Coffee grounds and coffee filters

Tea Bags without staples

Non chlorine bleached Napkins only 

BPI Certified Compostable Service ware 




Biodegradable plastic

Metal, Glass, Styrofoam


Any type of coated paper, waxed cardboard


Frozen food Boxes


Packaging of any kind